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Voyager Weekender


A luxurious, 100% leather weekender with generous packing space, precise organization for travel and tech essentials, and optional WiFi integration by Karma.

The Voyager developed from a basic principle: we wanted access to specific gear during travel, but we also needed enough space to pack in a long weekend’s worth of stuff. With this in mind, we developed a wide-mouth main compartment suitable for five days of clothes and gear. On the exterior we designed a distinctive tech pod. Inspired by the precision of our Mod line, this space neatly organizes, protects and makes accessible key travel gear including: a phone, battery pack, cords, plugs, pens, and notebook. 

Optional WiFi

We are very excited and proud to announce that our partnership with Karma means the Voyager is the world’s first WiFi enabled leather bag.

When you purchase Voyager with WiFi, you will receive a pocket-sized Karma Go along with a custom leather sleeve designed by This is Ground that connects the Go with the Voyager, allowing you the freedom to bring ultrafast WiFi with you anywhere in the US.

Voyager and the Karma Go specs can be found here.

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Each Voyager is handcrafted by heritage leatherworkers in Italy and LA and is in stock.