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Tablet Sleeve 2


We've designed and developed a line of sleeves for your tablet. We felt there needed to be a lightweight option to keep your tablet clean & secure inside bags that don't have a dedicated spot. Additionally, the sleeves are a nice option for detaching from a larger carry for a quick trip to a cafe or co-working spot. Perfect for a weekend morning when you need to bring your tablet to the park or for a bite but don't want your full mobile office.

Handcrafted with our signature Italian veg-tanned leather and smooth Italian zippers.

Fits: iPad Air, iPad Mini, and iPad Pro


Mini:  6.25'' W x 8.5'' H x .38" T

Air:  10.63'' W x 7.25'' H x .38" T

Pro:  13'' W x 9.63'' H x .38" T