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Mouse Pad Pro + Ruler


Double sided, stitched Italian Leather with a 12-inch ruler and a hidden paper slot.

We had several problems we wanted to solve with our new professional mouse pad. Based on observation of other models, we discovered that users were resting their wrists against the edge of the table, which wasn't comfortable and presented ergonomic issues. We also saw that mouse pads often wouldn't stay in place when in use throughout the day. Finally, we were frustrated by pieces that didn't make the desk space feel clean and organized.

With these problems in mind, we designed the Mouse Pad Pro -- it stays comfortably in place, the user's wrist rests against luxurious veg tanned Italian leather, and it lends a clean, simple, modern design accent to any desk.  

Then we debossed a ruler in it for fun. After testing in the offices of our friends at Apartment Therapy, we found that everyone loved this function and used it daily.


Desktop: 9" x 12.25"
Overhang: 9" x 1.375"

Handmade in Los Angeles.