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Introducing Mod Pro, which is the newest member of the Mod family. The Pro edition of this illustrious line has been designed to accommodate the new iPad Pro and any smaller iPads. In the spirit of its Mod predecessors, it features a magnetic dock that will fit any of the Mod Tablet 2 or Mod Laptop 2 Inserts. Additionally we've included slots, pockets, and spaces for credit cards, business cards, currency, WiFi devices, notebooks, pens, pencils, cords, batteries, phones and a magnetic Apple Pencil holder. The tablet pocket is lined with microfiber suede so that it the screen gets cleaned each time it enters or leaves the pocket. Once zipped, the Pro sports a carrying handle inspired by the classic attaché - this is both functional and adds a nice touch of class.

Includes built-in tracking powered by Tile.

- Magnetic Mod Insert friendly dock
- Ample organization for lots of gear including Apple Pencil
- Fits iPad Pro and smaller tablets (see complete list below)
- Attaché style handle
- Veg tanned leather from Tuscany in central Italy
- Microfiber lined pockets to clean hardware on entry and exit
- High quality Italian zippers and magnets
- Bluetooth tracking by Tile

Dimensions: 13.5 inches x 10.5 inches

Also fits: 11 and 12 inch Apple Mac book, Lenovo Mix 2, Acer Aspire Switch, Surface 3, Asus Transformer, HP Stream 11, Kindle reader