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Cordtilla Strips Craft Edition


This is our highest quality set of Cordtilla Strips. Each of the 3 Craft Edition cord management strips is made with 2 layers of full grain Tuscan veg-tanned leather, stitched and then finished with multiple coats of edge painted.

Cordtilla Strips are our first leather utility intended for interior. Cords in your home, office, car, or anywhere else where they live will benefit from these strips. Inspired by "tie-wraps" these multi-sized strips will hold cords in place, reduce excessive lengths, consolidate, attach to existing furniture, and make them look nice and tidy. The contrast between the leather and electronic nature of a cord makes for a really neat look.

Craft Edition stands for our highest quality material, artisanal leather making process and rigorously tested.  Handmade in Italy.