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Bickmore Leather Care


Your This is Ground products are made to wear beautifully and last a lifetime.  However, like all leather goods, it's essential that they receive the care they need to stay in top condition.  In the world of leather care, we've found the Bickmore brand to be unparalleled.  They've been making top quality treatments for leather in Michigan since 1880 and their Bick 4 conditioner is the best in the business.

This kit includes everything you need to care for your goods from This is Ground:

  • 2 oz Bick 1 Leather Cleaner
  • 2 oz Bick 4 Leather Conditioner
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • Foam Buffing Block
  • Bickmore's Guide to Leather Care
The kit comes in a sturdy vinyl case for easy transport, ensuring your gear is always in tiptop shape.