Hello, follow these instructions to setup your XY Find It beacon.


1. Download and install xyfindit to your iPhone or Android device.

2. Pop open your XY beacon. Note: don't try and remove the yellow REMOVE tab without opening the beacon.

3. Pull out the REMOVE tab from underneath the battery. Make sure the + side of the battery is facing up when you pop it back in. Close the beacon and make sure smaller hexagon hole is lined up.

4. Finally launch the XY Find It app with the beacon close by and pair.



Q: Is this a free service?
A: Yes, the only cost you'll have is you'll have to replace the watch battery eventually, otherwise the app and tracking service are 100% free of charge.

Q: Can you use the beacon on anything else besides the Mod?
A: Yes, you can use on anything you want including but not limited to keys, wallet, dog, or anything else you can attach it to.

Q: Where can you buy more beacons?
A: Here http://thisisground.com/collections/mod-accessories