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How to buy a Mod

1. Choose Size

There are 2 sizes, Mod Mini which is designed to stow the iPad Mini and Mod Air which is designed to stow your iPad Air.

2. Choose Color & Style

The Mod Mini comes in 4 colors.
  1. Toffee Tan, veg tanned leather that is meant to distress and age. It's durable, sturdy and looks great with anything.
  2. Black Ink, pebble grained, soft leather that will look the same as it ages. The texture is beautiful.
  3. Tobacco Brown, thick on the outside, nubuck soft on the inside. The outside will age like the Toffee.
  4. Silver Dollar, textured like the Black Ink, will not distress and is a real attention getter.
 The Mod Air comes in all colors above except for the Silver Dollar.

3. Choose Your Starter Insert

Each Mod comes with an Insert. The price varies depending on which Insert you choose. Prices vary because of the amount of material, labor, and technology that goes into each one. For example, the Charger Insert is higher priced because it comes with a 4,500 mAh battery that charges your devices. All of the inserts are interchangeable across the different sizes of Mods as they're all the same size. You can buy as many Inserts as you'd like.
That's about it! If you have any other questions, feel free to ask here or give us a ring at 866-382-3282. We just about everywhere on the globe.