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Magnetic Leather

Posted on March 07 2017

We've been magnetizing leather for 5 years now. The practical uses for magnetic leather are exciting and seemingly infinite. One question we get a lot is "won't the magnetic ruin your credit cards and or data on your computer?" Answer is no. You would need a much stronger magnet to alter the data on a hard drive or even strip away your ability to use that charge card.

FAQ: Can I erase my HD with a big magnet?

Answer: Specifically, no.

To erase a drive you need a high frequency AC magnetic field. Bringing a powerful magnet close to a drive will "corrupt" the data as the individual flux lines will change certain bits. The drive may be unreadable, but can be reformatted and possibly repaired. A hammer is a better erase device.

And I know of where I speak. A few years ago I had the opportunity to acquire the magnet out of an IBM 370 Hard drive unit (circa 1980). This was one of the 18", 6 platter drives with a linear motor. The linear motor magnet actually weighs twenty pounds and is about 8X8X4 inches. A real beast. As a test I placed a VHS tape close. Still played. I then put the tape on top of the magnet and let it sit. It still played. I then investigated how magnetic tape, and subsequently hard drives and computer media worked. And what it takes to erase them. High frequency, or rewriting the bits.

- Wayne, CNET


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