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The Good, the Bad, and the Hidden Features Within New iPhones and iOS 12

Posted on October 09 2018

New iPhones are landing in the hands of Apple fans across the globe. As for the hardware, the only things I’ll highlight that's worth mentioning are that there’s no more home button, the screens are gorgeous, and I hear you can jump in the pool with it and all will be fine. So what’s the big change? Honestly the most meaningful and visible updates come with iOS 12, which by the way can be updated on any of the recent iPhones as well.

Here’s a roundup of our staff's favorite new and updated features.


Random Lyric Search

Can’t remember the name of that song you heard? Type a few of the lyrics and search Apple Music that way.



Advanced Do Not Disturb controls were added to iOS 12, but you can also access them from the lockscreen. Swipe a notification to activate ‘Deliver Quietly’. You won’t get any banners for that app, but you will still receive its alerts in the Notification Center.

Location Hack - DND can be triggered at user specified times, but it can also be triggered based on your location. Great when leaving the office. You can also 3D Touch (hard press) in Control Center to turn on DND.

Mute, for a few. Press on the notification in Control Center, you'll see 3 new presets. You can turn it on for an hour, until the evening, or until you leave a location. In addition to these three presets, Siri can suggest Do Not Disturb for events. If it recognizes that you have an event, it can recommend turning on Do Not Disturb via a notification.



The TIG Stash Phone Wallet is designed with magnetic leather to hold your phone in place. Helpful when holding your phone like a book as well as when you want to take the phone out of the wallet for color use.


Two Faced

Finally Face ID supports more than one face (two to be exact). Just navigate to Settings > Face ID & Passcode > Set Up an Alternate Appearance. Helpful if you have an alternate look for say spying, sunglasses, or whatever flips your wig.

Ignore Passcode - after several failed Face ID unlocks you no longer have to enter your passcode, instead swipe up from the bottom of the screen and you can try Face ID again. Usually it ends up recognizing on its own.


Top ways to carry your new iPhone


1. Stash Phone Wallet 2
2. Mod Tablet Mini
3. Mod Tablet 5


Super Hearing

Transform your Apple AirPods to amplifiers of the voices around you here > Settings > Control Center > Customize and select ‘Hearing’.



Find my Device: You can now tell Siri “Play alert on my iPad” from your iPhone (or vice versa) to locate your device.

New Voices - In addition to British and American, you will now find Irish and South African assistants to choose from. Settings > Siri Search > Siri Voice.


From the TIG Lab

Mod Tablet Mini for your iPhone (and similarly sized phones) and Tablet.


Get Creative

Extra options - there’s now a broader choice of pen colors to draw on a screenshot, while you can also markup existing photos by going to any photo and selecting Edit > More options (three dots) > Markup.


Voice Memos

New features - alongside a new user interface, Memos in iOS 12 can trim audio and even splice in new audio files.


Gestures (iPhone X)

Swipe to close - the iPhone X can now close apps (like every other iPhone) by swiping them away in the multitasking view.



Interesting BUT over complicated: Longer, more flexible Animojis - both Animojis and Memojis (don’t ask) can now be dragged and dropped on top of photos and messages while message lengths can now last 30 seconds. (Limited to iPhone X, XS, XS Max and XR). Send Animated Labels - in addition to Animojis and Memojis, animated words, phrases and hashtags can be added to photos and videos you share.

While it's cute that Apple's trying to build in more social expression into the communication features, actually using them loses the point of realtime reactions. These features need to be simplified.



This is still very satisfying.


3D Touch

New Shortcuts - 3D Touch improves in iOS 12 with new Note and Camera shortcuts. 3D Touch (hard press) the Camera icon and you can jump to scanning a QR code (people still use those?), while doing the same on the Note icon brings up a new shortcut to scan documents.


Automatic Updates

Just when you think you've mastered the new OS, here comes an update to make it interesting again. This is optional of course and can be toggled in settings.


Some iPhones are Waterproof er IP68 WATER_RESISTANT

On this update, we haven't tried so we cannot comment one way or another. Read up and test if you must. Please report back as we're super curious.


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  • Fred : October 10, 2018

    Totally agree that the messaging and photo effects are over designed. Thanks for the roundup!

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