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iPad 2018

Posted on November 04 2018


The Apple event from Brooklyn, edited to 4 minutes, 20 seconds, iPad update only:

The iPad family has grown - the options are getting interesting. Before we help you decide which iPad is best for you, here's some highlights that you should be aware of:

  1. You can trade in your older iPad for a break on the price. We just ordered the 11" Pro and will be sending our 10.5" Pro back for a $325 break. There may be better deals out there but we went with the convenience of Apple.
  2. The first generation Apple Pencil is not compatible with the 11 or 12.9" Pro. You have to buy the new Pencil to use on these models. Also the same the other way around, the 2nd Gen Pencil will not work on the 10.5" Pro.
  3. Liquid Retina takes the display from side to side and top to bottom.
  4. B'bye bezel - the new design looks hot.
  5. 11 inch iPad Pro is the same size as the 10.5 inch but with an 11 inch display.
  6. 12.9 inch iPad Pro is almost the same size as an 8 1/2 inch x 11 inch piece of paper.
  7. New iPads have Face ID and there's no more home button.
  8. A12X Bionic (whatever). Supposed to be lots faster, by like 35%.
  9. USB C - you can charge your iPhone from the iPad.
  10. Second generation Pencil magnetically snaps and charges to top of iPad.
  11. The 11" Pro iPad fits in the Mod Tablet 5.
  12. The only iPad that doesn't fit in the Mod Tablet 5 is the 12.9-inch-iPad Pro. For that you want to buy the Mod Laptop 12-inch.

      Photo courtesy of TechCrunch


      • 10.5-inch iPad Pro — 469 grams, 6.1mm thin
      • 11-inch iPad Pro — 468 grams, 5.9mm thin
      • 12.9-inch-iPad Pro — 631 grams, 5.9mm thin
      • iPad — 469 grams, 7.5mm thin
      • iPad mini 4 — 299 grams, 6.1mm thin

      iPad Mini - no update for the smallest iPad. Good news is that it will continue to fit in the Mod Tablet Mini. There's also a rumor that the iPad Mini 5 is in the works.


      Learn more: Mod Tablet 5Mod Tablet Mini, or Mod Laptop (for iPad 12.9 inch Pro)


      Written Sep 5, 2018:

      Surprise - Apple's 2018 iPad Pro photos have been leaked, and here they are..

      OnLeaks, a reputable leaker, posted an image of the alleged ‘Apple iPad Pro 12.9 (2018)’ on My Smart Price.


      • Rohit Monserrate: April 23, 2019
        Rohit Monserrate

        Hey I was wondering if the new 11 inch iPad pro with the keyboard case fits into the tablet mod 5. Would be awesome to know

      • CharlieTuna: April 23, 2019

        Will the mod 5 fit the 11” iPad Pro?
        Is there a apple pen holder?


      • Tim: December 01, 2018

        Will the new iPad 11 inch fit the older MOD Table 2s and 3s?

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